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Embrace-Healing space

 Trend analysis of macrotrend  'Alchemy of Wellness'

Healing Spaces is one of the microtrends under "Alchemy of wellness". The project is the analysis of the trend research and synthesis of insights to bring a design intervention in the most suitable area.

Understanding Healing Spaces in the present context.

Healing space 6
Healing space 3
Healing space 4
Healing space 5

Video and VR methods in controlling pain, pulse rate, and anxiety, showing significant evidence in decreasing pain intensity, pain unpleasantness, and time spent thinking about pain.

It has been reported that viewing natural landscapes provides psychological and health benefits, including a reduction in stress. Having a hospital window with a view has been shown to improve healing, reflected in both the level of pain medication and the speed of recovery after surgery.

We react to spaces, colours, and textures differently because of another interior—our unique psychological processes—shaped by our experiences, our culture, and our familial memories.

Therapeutic horticultural activities have had some success, primarily for people with mental health problems or learning difficulties.

Healing space 2
Healing space

Diving deeper into multiple aspects of Healing

mind map.png

Design Brief- Design intervention for mindful healing at the workplace.

Secondary research- data from research papers, news articles, annual reports

sec res vis.png

Primary research- In-depth interviews of working people in Gandhinagar, Gujarat 

Sample Size - 18 

Profession - Diverse profiles like Project Manager, Senior Accountant, Teacher, Software engineer, Visual designer etc.

Age group - 24 - 45

interview data.png

Insights from Interviews

  1. The short breaks between work routine are crucial rejuvenation pockets for corporates.

  2. The break time has more to do with internal peace and energy than the outside environment.

  3. The employees figure out their escape to a happier place in available resources like coffee, social media, online gaming, etc.

  4. The desire to be alone is as strong as to be around friends/colleagues and completely depends on the mood. 

  5. The infrastructure at the workplace affects the way employees behave even during break time. Most of the employees move out even if there is separate space to relax.

  6. There is a need to move away from the same visual environment and it changes the state of mind immediately.

  7. Decision fatigue leads to excess coffee/tea break and social media usage during the break.

Design cannot eliminate diseases, but it can alter the experience the people have through their own healing journey.

Multiple Scenarios and Personas


At Your Desk

I love being at work and while I’m engrossed in work, I need a little break which is short enough to not break the continuity of my work. It takes my mind to a completely different space which feels light, calm and soothing. This interval of time recharges me to be my better self and motivates me to continue my work with sheer dedication.

man (1).png

The Quiet Hustler
I am a person who is passionately doing what he loves maintaining a great work-life balance. The physical space is not a constraint for my work. I like to spend time with myself and gift myself the luxury of time every now and then. These small packets of mindfulness bring back an energized version of myself.


Mindful transit

I have dedicated time for everything on and off work. The primary focus is to completely involve me in one activity at a time. The post-work time is my interval of healing. A transit between work and home which lets me regain energy and helps me rejuvenate to have a great time after work. It offers me a wholesome experience without interrupting my workflow.

girl (1).png

The organizer
Being organized and committed to work is my funda of life. I love to invest time in myself with complete focus on one thing at a time. I like to enjoy things to the fullest. Having gained experience with time, I am enjoying the content phase of my life. 

Large enough for a cosy seat, the Hira i

Breakout zone

The best feeling is to be able to reconnect with my inner self. Self-reflection is a powerful way to align my thoughts and get regain the positive me. I enjoy being around people and listen to their experiences. My break from work seeks such anecdotes to lighten my mood. Sitting in a comfortable ambience while having a relaxing conversation over a cup of coffee is my way of recharging myself for better work.

man (2).png

The Storyteller
I am a fun-loving person with lots of stories to tell. I believe in taking a break from chaotic thoughts and spend some time in nothingness. It soothes and aligns my inner self to work with better productivity. While I enjoy being around with people, I also crave for a little packet of time for myself. Reconnecting with my inner self is my way of elevating mood in any situation. 

Potential areas at the workplace



Breakout zones

Gaming area

Meditation area/ Yoga




Create a ritual

Set an intention

Body’s natural frequency

Peaceful seclusion

How is it different from a Spa or wellness center?

Possibilities at the workplace





Morning Autonomy

Enhancing the physical environment for healing

Workplace- a destination for emotional healing


A selective range of activities

Commitment to engage throughout the sessions

No self-healing or controlled assistance

Time management

Long process



No commitment

Less time

Free to choose activities

Group interaction and healing



‘Embrace’ helps the working professionals take a break from their long working hours. It gives a
much-needed escape with a calming and positive experience by understanding their interests and preferences and little sessions of assisted or self-reflective healing. ‘Embrace’ aims to stop settling and reach out to healthiest, most vibrant selves. It converts your breaks into an experience that revitalizes the mind and helps to explore your inner self by breaking out of the everyday hustle.


- Working Professional
- Everyone who wants an escape to be in a better place with mind, body, and soul.


- Break time during work like usual tea/coffee break.
- Pre/post work.


- Self-reflective healing spaces
- Assisted healing through activities
- Group activities/discussions


Interior space reference 

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