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Service Design for People Flow Solutions

As a part of the KONE India design team and KONE global service design team

KONE provides elevators, escalators, and automatic building doors, as well as solutions for maintenance and modernization to add value to buildings throughout their life cycle. 

People Flow Intelligence
Busy office

Property owners and developers are under increasing pressure to ensure that tenants can move around buildings as quickly and comfortably as possible while simultaneously providing improved security and access control.

Multi-tenet office buildings have a varied flow of people with different levels of access. The Building manager needs to keep track of access, space management, and maintenance of the building while considering different tenants’ requirements.

How might we use the people flow data such as people count, elevator traffic, etc. to help the building managers make informed decisions and stay updated with building performance, maintenance, and anomalies?


As a service designer for flow intelligence team, I was involved in-

  • Research to identify the pain points and opportunity areas for different user segments.

  • Workshops for the discovery of a proof of concept with building managers.

  • Workshops for better alignment with internal stakeholders working in separate areas towards similar goal.

  • Proof of concept validation with the users and internal stakeholders in the form of interviews, focus group discussions, and workshops.

24/7 Connected Services
  • Research planning and alignment with global teams.

  • Interviews with the various teams and front-line staff.

  • Research synthesis and insights generation

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