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Her Ardhangini

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

A narrative of a woman's evolving relationship with her anklet. She has her anklet as best friend for the longest time and both of them have grown together.

Sankal has been a part of me since my wedding day. The cold touch of silver against my skin is a reminder of the beautiful bond. That auspicious day when I entered a new phase of life, a shining bright jewel accompanying me. We set to write a new chapter, a chapter called “married life”.

Sankal and I have grown together through thick and thin. From a shy timid bride to a busy homemaker to all shades of motherhood; I truely evolved as a person and so did my sankal. The fading lustre of the metal showcases the experiences and lessons it has gained over time.

Kadu is all the wisdom I’ve gained, consolidated in a piece of metal. Another milestone in my journey of womanhood, Kadu is my prized possession. The joy of having a kadu is way more than the sheer weight of it. The responsibilities have also changed as kadu became a part of me.

Kadu has found new meaning as I bade adieu to the love of my life. The wise bold piece of metal will go back to being naive and shy sankal when my little one is ready to be a bride. The relations have changed, their meanings have changed but kadu always find a purpose to stay.

Photos by- Saksham Panda

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