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Design Futures 2025

The trend is the fundamentals on which we build our future strategies. It is the awareness of movement in society, economy, geopolitics, technology, healthcare, and many other domains. It is the direction in which things are moving and affecting the ecosystem around them. 

Process followed for Trend research

trend process.png

Trend research and forecasting


PESTEL is a framework that is used to analyze the macro-environmental factors affecting a certain subject. 

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DF2025 Workshop-11 (1).jpg

Interaction and exchange of critical insights on what is new and upcoming that has a strong possibility of impacting our way of living in the forthcoming future. Faculty and domain experts from diverse segments deep-dived into exploring the concept of future living. 

The workshop culminated in highlighting important trends that are anticipated to influence peoples’ lives. Furthermore, it identified design pathways that have the potential of addressing different facets of living, both tangible and intangible. 

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Collaborative consumption


Alchemy of wellness

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Autonomous security

mobility .jpg

Inclusive mobility

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Macrotrend- 1

Neo- Localization

_INCLUSIVE MOBILITY pdf_Page_2-2.jpg

Macrotrend- 2

Tech trends_.jpg
Tech trends_2.jpg
Tech trends_Page_1.jpg
trend bookletneolocalization copy_Page_2

Macrotrend- 3

trend bookletneolocalization copy.jpg
trend bookletneolocalization copy_Page_1

Macrotrend- 4

collaborative consumption_Page_2.jpg
collaborative consumption_Page_.jpg

Macrotrend- 5

Alchemy of wellness_Page_1.jpg
Alchemy of wellness_Page_2.jpg
Alchemy of wellness_Page_3.jpg
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