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My name is Saksham Panda. I am a Master of Design graduate from the National Institute of Design, Gandhinagar, with a deep interest in bringing impact through design. My approach blends a background in design, research, and strategy to solve the right problems and drive innovation.

I believe, my identity goes beyond education and skills. It is also defined by my dreams, ethos, and passion to become a design practitioner. I am looking forward to exploring systems thinking and service design to create innovative solutions while keeping a people-centered approach. 

What do I do?

I still take a pause to explain what do I do as a service designer but on most of the days I am...

"Making sense of chaos"

Finding connections, filtering, and prioritizing insights is perhaps the most valuable moment of all.

"Making insights actionable"

Translating research data into tangible artifacts like customer journeys, service blueprints, mockups, or prototypes to align stakeholders, support decision making, and communicate insights to the broader organization.

"Making solutions come to life."

I work with business, design, and technology stakeholders to bring new products, services, or features to market and iterate and improve existing ones.

While doing all this, I constantly shift between the different zoom levels of an experience: from a broad end-to-end perspective to the experience of tiny details. 

Design Context.png

Three levels of design; D1: the design of detail, D2: design of services and systems and D3: the design of policy. Credits- Dr Andrea Siodmok

My Ikigai

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