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Craft Research & Documentation


A comparative study of Longpi Black Pottery through ethnographic research in New Delhi, and Longpi (Manipur), with a focus on the economics of the craft.


To understand the economic aspects of Longpi black pottery. This study would highlight the government interventions in the craft sector with black pottery in focus. There is a comparative analysis of business parameters of Black pottery practice in Delhi and Longpi.


Observation, contextual interviews, Field research, living with the community in Longpi Manipur, Archival study in various places in Delhi and Manipur, Visit Museums, trade fairs, and Exhibitions.


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Understanding the subject 

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People who made this possible


Key Findings

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Artisans in Longpi

A comparative study of craft and community in Delhi and Manipur connect the dots of the Black pottery’s journey. The two places are poles apart in many aspects, but the craft is nurturing equally well. The export market has been one of the biggest opportunities for Black pottery artisans as it opened a new doorway for sales. The movement from Longpi to Delhi is still not very smooth. It may become better with better facilities in Future. Since the schemes are already in place for Handicrafts, better craftsmen engagement and awareness can prove to be beneficial for the Craft and community. Policies take much longer than expected to trickle down the system to reach the artisans. Once this gap begins to reduce, the crafts would take no time to regain their long-lost charm in Indian as well as International Market.

Structure of the research document

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Team- Saksham Panda | Nikhil S | Shagun Bajpai

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